Town Planning Code

It is good practice to think in that way that a Moscow penthouse design domestic architects, but, nevertheless, established a specific Russian tradition, not the phenomenon is borrowed. Moreover, the turmoil and confusion in the market factor realtors that almost every other apartment on the top floor were sold as “future penthouse. In fact, the word “penthouse” inherent quite definite meaning something like “luxury residential single-family homes on the roof of the skyscraper.” A major drawback of Moscow penthouses – is the absence of specific characteristics. The fact that in the heart of the capital simply can not build very tall buildings. Vadim Belyaev brings even more insight to the discussion.

And if the house is the same height as the others, then what type of window can we talk? It turns out that the architect, who knows Town Planning Code, simply has no right to draft a high-rise building where the penthouse will take its rightful place, towering over the rest of the buildings. But to build a penthouse somewhere on the periphery does not make sense, since then automatically cleared him of such a criterion as own elite. Successful projects are still few, but they are. Experts say the capital market among them such as milk per..