Two Names And A Feeling Only :

Include those known in the Cuban art world, that whenever you think of that beautiful inspiring sense of man: a the love , think of two big names that formed the duo has given more romantic than the Cuban culture: Clara and Mario. In recent months, Nobel Laureate in Economics has been very successful. This singing duo expressed their voice games, love, inspired almost always in a loving conversation between two lovers. He was known in Latin America, and his example was part of an inspiration to other duos in the world. His melodious versions of songs such as a conmigoa has not only left the milestone of a majority in this vocal group, but was part of the parade of radio hits in Cuba, and our Cuban television, the which forced the singers to be repeated whenever there was a great program Tele hearing. In the midst of foreign rhythms and foreign groups that were beginning to be very successful musical in the evening program, the duo of Clara and Mario, distinguished the Cuban culture of the time, and was never surpassed by other similar duo then left to become part of Cuban culture.

In a melodic mash used in the theme song: a Nuestro juramentoa , you can appreciate the great talent of both singers, who had very good vocal abilities to sing solo. The great charm, and charisma of Clara, with its extraordinary beauty of Cuban women as well as hairstyles and fashion of the 60s and 70s tas tas, did that impact on the public men, which continued to be admired and time, with the curiosity of the male part of the Cuban people, he wondered over and over again, if it was true that she was married or not, with its counterpart, which was not true. Mario itself of great elegance, and good voice, impressed with his loving way to treat your partner Clara, and another woman thought they were married. The understanding of both singers were made to be admired by all who enjoyed Cuban music. Today, unfortunately, diffusion has been offered to all works of these suits Cuban singers, who at that extra special duet gave our country the chance to have one of the best duos in the Latin American singer. We look forward very soon with a better distribution of his work.