Types of Wooden Doors

Wooden door has many advantages: strong, not rust like metal and not so heavy. This door can be decorated, upholster. Wooden doors can be supplied as the entrance and in the rooms. Making the renovation, you can pick one kind of wood and make every door the same house, it will give the interior styling. Design options wooden door set – it can be either solid or inlaid, with the insertion of glass or plastic. Wooden door pretty nice and comfortable, the tree can and paint, and varnish, and inflict on him the picture, and even leave without treatment. This will depend on where you install it. At the entrance it should be a door from the dense woods, such as an oak – oak is very durable, its color is beautiful – pale brown.

Oak does not require special handling. He does not need painting or polishing, it can withstand all onslaughts of nature. And if his sheathe soft material, oilcloth fabric on the foam-based or just imitation leather (if possible, can sheathe the door, even the skin), then this door will become a real decoration of the house. If you are as a so-called shell choose polished aspen or pine reechki 3-4 cm wide, and will beat them diagonally from the center – "a Christmas tree, a door with his views will fascinate anyone who knocks at her. Most modern wooden doors have standard designs. In order to evaluate the quality of wooden doors, you must correctly evaluate its components.