UAE Rents

What you need to know to get the most from your investment if you bought a property to rent? In a world where the standard rate of interest with a lease is from 2 to 3%, the prospect of a 17-20% with Rent it seems incredible to most property owners. However, this is reality for many of those who bought property in Dubai two years ago. Current rental income is not so surprising, but still exceptionally high by world standards. They vary between 5 and 15-th percent, while the average figure is 8%, depending on the type and location of the property. The picture for investors is very attractive. Meanwhile, who owns property in the UAE and rents it out, and in the future they should wait for good news. Revenues from the rental of all types and standards of real estate in Dubai is unprecedented. Still remains a problem sentence.

However, even when completed this year and next year will be commissioned a series of planned facilities, a significant drawback still be felt. This lack, in turn, protects landlords invested in this sector, and rents will remain stable and even growing for years to come. Rental income align all agree that the rental income must lightly flatten, and that this will happen over the period 2009-2010. Similarly, unreasonable rise of rent, which was observed in 2005-2006, most likely, will not happen again (rental value rose in 2005 to 30%). But this should not cause concern for new investors who plan to buy a ready-made, or under construction properties.