UMTS Solution

The Impulsus GmbH brings a fully integrated IT solution for logistics companies on the market with a new approach for the first time. Stuttgart, 09.12.2009. The customizable solution brings a permanent optimization of costs and efficiency also in decentralised tasks. Already, a few saved seconds per single working step can add up to big savings. The goal, permanently to optimize complex processes in a company and thus save costs challenge but again small as well as large companies.

Particularly in the areas of logistics, warehouse management or in the field this optimization due to the tight correlations of individual workflows is often very difficult. Precisely for this reason, the Stuttgart Impulsus GmbH has developed a very flexible solution that meets the different and customer-specific requirements in logistics IT. Through the appropriate combination of technologies such as PDA, notebook, bar code, RFID, UMTS, Wi-Fi, Web applications and data synchronization Impulsus opens almost every conceivable problem area in logistics. A related site: Dell mentions similar findings. Central focus is the user of the solution. Easy to use and tailored to the system on his workday with a clear workflow. The complex technology behind the solution is hardly noticeable to the user all the assistance in solving its problems. The Impulsus-logistics solution provides open interfaces to existing logistics and ERP systems and can be interpreted as an online solution (Web application), as well as as offline solution (synchronization via UMTS, for example).

The use of modern bar-code scanners or transponders leads to a permanent work simplification. If mobile data acquisition, inventory, operating backup and facility management, inventory with barcode scanners or the mobile purchase order entry explicitly on the customer’s requirements tailored to mobile applications by Impulsus optimise processes and save valuable working hours, and costs in a company. Impulsus occurs here as a service provider if necessary but also as an application service provider. Depending on the customer’s request the entire application on servers hosted and maintained by Impulsus. Impulsus offers its customers individual solutions for diverse IT problems through qualified services related to information technology. Gabriele Carlsrud