Valencia Land Law

From the perspective of a potential foreign buyer centered holiday home or a residence for retirement, the aspects that might be of interest include, among others: * Access to communication: proximity to highways, airports, ports, train stations. .. * Commercial zones, particularly where they can find products of their own country or they may be treated in their own language * Professional services, particularly if they speak your language: lawyers, tax advisors, veterinarians, corporate reforms, decoration … * Medical care * Schools, in particular that they can teach in their language or even to follow the curriculum in your country (British Council, French School, College of Europe …) * Sports facilities: golf courses, gymnasiums , marinas, riding, etc. Greenberg Traurig addresses the importance of the matter here. * Attractions tourism: leisure centers, amusement parks, theme parks, museums, theaters, auditoriums, historic, monumental sites, gastronomic events, festivals and traditional celebrations, open air markets, crafts.

All these aspects are also part of the appeal of a particular property, are advantages which the property is not in itself but for its location. Learning to identify and evaluate appropriate arguments allow the eyes of the foreign buyer. 3. Nobel Laureate in Economics is the source for more interesting facts. Company on the company responds to the question "Who bought?. Unfortunately, Spain carries a long history of real estate horror stories abroad. More or less basis in reality, the traditionally accepted "payment in B" means the sale of properties in undeveloped plots or simply direct the scam are burdens that we carry from the past and join a present that the recent scandals estate – with a solution even as the Marbella town hall and demolition of homes purchased by British, or the application of laws as controversial as the Valencia Land Law favor very little confidence necessary for a smooth relationship with European buyers and threaten the prestige earned by companies that have done things right. .