Venezuelan Excellence

According to current findings on the management who have been playing a significant number of national universities, leaves a lot to say, where one notes the absence of good management, ensuring effective optimization of its resources, academic excellence, a true academicism that must be shown with the proactive participation of the universities before the serious problems the country faces, and where, more than ever, professionals need to address the new challenges, turbulence and generate the changes that the country needs to succeed ., For years, the Venezuelan universities our case, present authorities, principals who have not been able to efficiently manage the universities, giving way to any deterioration of academic excellence and increasingly higher education and universities decline to depart from their objectives, roles for which they were created. There are many universities, where some of his faculties, for example, which are involved in our profession, such as administrative, engineering, who have lost their way and their programs have that as an anchor to reality, where those who graduate do not suit the present demands. Many academic profiles, such as administration, engineering, economics, are not adapted to the basic knowledge of current scenarios require to ensure the organizations, companies, country, productivity, competitiveness and development. It occurs in some universities absence management, capable of planning actions, strategies, administrative systems and efficient education, where rather the improvisation, neglect manifest and impossible to achieve results that favor the achievement of educational excellence and research, and, as participation of the University in the serious problems currently facing the country in its manufacturing sector, economic, social. Professor Rita McGrath does not necessarily agree.