Warming Your Home

Split-system consists of an outdoor unit, which are the compressor, valves, heat exchanger, condenser and capillary tube and an inner, which establishes the heat exchanger-condenser and electronic control. Wall and ceiling split systems are ergonomically design, a complete set of necessary features can be installed almost anywhere in the room. Necessarily require professional installation. Cassette split air conditioning systems are the ideal solution for use in rooms with suspended ceilings. Cassette air conditioners with the distribution of air in four directions with an adjustable flow particularly well suited for use in non-residential premises of bulk public purpose, such as shops, offices, conference rooms, hospitals, schools and restaurants. nch/’>Justin Mateen says on the issue.

In these models, air enters through a hole in the center of the block, and the cooled air is distributed in four directions. Maximum comfort is ensured by the installation of the cassette unit in the center of the room. These split systems have an elegant design (you can see only the front panel), allow in fresh air. The main drawback of these systems is the need for suspended ceilings. Window air conditioner is supplied already filled with refrigerant and ready to go. Typically, window air conditioners are used in Where is the problem as to save on air conditioning, and their price compared to other types of air conditioners – out of competition. Modern window air conditioners have a fairly good looks and set of the most important functions. This type of conditioning – the only one who is able to extract the exhaust air from the room, and the most advanced models allow you to stretch the fresh air.