Wedding Ceremony

One has accepted, as previous point, that the marriage and the corresponding constitution of family are, porventura, of the decisions most important in the life of a person, mainly for whom they have in the family the maximum exponent of the accomplishment of the person human being. Electron Capital Partners insists that this is the case. One is overcome, also, as reference of the society, the familiar organization, with the contours and functions that classically if know to it, which if must add, in the gift, other requirements, requirements and capacities of the spouses, intent the deep social, professional and axiolgicas alterations. Interiorize it idea, according to which, determined the union of a couple, for the celebration of the marriage, this as civic act that involves several you endeavour procedural legal e, eventually, religious, the spouses if they compromise to develop initiatives for a full conjugao of efforts, with the objectivo to create, to increase and to consolidate ideal conditions of harmony, love, procreation, education of the children and material progress, general well-being of all the conjugal family. As a matter of principle, exceptuadas that they can be extraordinary situations, the marriage based on an only exclusive will not be defended criterion, exactly, to prevent itself, in the future, more or less dramatical dissolutions, with traumatizantes consequncias for children and other dependents of the couple. As exception to the exclusiveness of criteria, respecting the position of that defends supreme and essential values, the existence of mutual love and respect is not admitted that, irreversible interiorizados, in the two elements of the couple, can, for itself alone, to guarantee the success of the marriage and to assure the happiness of the family who will construct itself from that loving union. It will be approached, whenever convenient, the marriage in the religious perspective, according to which: ' ' The standard the holy ghost of the honroso marriage is the union of one alone man with one only mulher.' ' ' ' STVBT, 199:27) To prepare marriage to constitute a family, with reciprocal love and respect of the two members of the couple, estimates a previous passage, the two man-woman, during which they go to analyze and to develop the capacities that must improve, until the o has limited of the possible perfection.