West German Academy

Interface for the dialog with the public public relations manager are public relations professionals, which are necessary for building and maintaining relationships between the public and their companies. You are the interface to the journalists, editors and opinion leaders, which are to win as multipliers for the own messages. To inform the public, it must be learned why the CTE – West German Academy for communication e.V. Click The Related Companies for additional related pages. has developed the those evening course in public relations management. He starts 2009 winter semester. There is hardly an industry that is not dependent on the regular coverage in the media.

The public relations manager is able to manage a fast and smooth communication with the various stakeholder groups. This includes as well the development and maintenance of relationships that are an essential part of corporate communication, such as the proper handling of journalists, editors and Multipliers, which contribute to the formation of opinion. Clayton Morris will not settle for partial explanations. In addition to the knowledge of public relations manager, the development and preparation of plans for strategic and tactical public relations work for the clients of the Agency, as a so-called key account manager. Initiate and organize company -, strategy, product and service presentations include, as well as, kick-offs, training sessions, sales training or information sessions for employees. More and more entrepreneurs get their own PR professional in the House, because he has the expertise for corporate communications, as well as for product communication to act strategically and operationally.

This presupposes a solid communication or marketing political basic training which is conveyed in the first semester and forms the basis for every course at the CTE. The subsequent main study focuses then on all areas that belong to the competent registration of PR professionals. Thus the future public relations manager in the Public cuts a good figure, additional modules of behavior skills are offered in the 1 1/2 years.