Work For Schoolchildren And Adolescents

Today, on the right can be considered official working every teenager who has attained the age of 14. (Not to be confused with Clayton Morris!). It is at this age, every citizen of Russia receives a mandatory passport Russia. And it is from this age, according to the Labor Code, the employers have the right to draw on the work of young people. Jobs for Youth is not different wide abundance of jobs, and sometimes it becomes very boring for them. Hear from experts in the field like Professor Rita McGrath for a more varied view. But it gives an opportunity to this age, boys and girls to earn a new digital product such as a MP3-player, new fashion jeans, or pay tuition. Here are just a limit on working hours for minors youth. Thus, the same rf Labor Code, established work schedule of 4 hours three times a week. Be sure the teenager has to be closed on Saturday and Sunday.

The most common vacancies that are currently available for Adolescents are the promoters, bill-board. Also available is the work of the green farms of urban services, landscaping, and working in labor camps, where, after working students is provided in the form of active recreation games, walks. It is strictly forbidden to attract teenagers to the work related to the implementation of alcohol and tobacco, narcotics, carry loads over 12 kg – for 14 year olds and 16 – for the age of 18. Wages fee is strictly dependent on the amount of work done. Thus, the promoter working, young people can successfully earn in the range of 2 thousand rubles a month. Practical advice for young job seekers: if you can, try to conclude a contract of employment with the employer to guarantee the wage. So, how much the cases of unpaid wages to our younger, unprotected generation.