Wurzburg September

Akura group with diversified asset portfolio for 10 years successful Wurzburg September 2010. Ten years Akura capital management AG celebrates a successful machine concept these days its earned anniversary. Especially the investors, who can enjoy year after year about attractive returns but also the around 600 independent distributor of Akura belong to the well-wishers capital management AG. For the Akura group a welcome occasion to the highlights of its eventful history back to look. Modern investment concepts for private investors, who simply offer more than the usual offerings of banks and insurers entered the Akura capital management AG for this purpose ten years ago in the market of the investment products. The recipe for success of Akura capital management AG was then as now: diversification in terms of the US economist Harry Markowitz mean: the dispersion of capital across different asset classes, including Stocks mutual funds, real estate, precious metals, raw materials, but also corporate direct investments. With this strategy generates the Akura handsome returns group for their customers even in weaker market phases and offers a solid protection against possible inflation risks due to the strict focus on tangible assets. The Akura group started their operations in the year 2000 at the beginning with a twelve member consultancy team, which immediately took over the mediation of personal plans to retail investors full commitment.

Investors responded with close interest the innovative investment product of the Akura group: the full placement of Akura capital management AG; achieved therefore already in 2004 with a total volume of EUR 18.5 million in the same year was the subsidiary Akura II capital management AG, with a placement volume of 28.8 million euros at the start. The investment concept of Akura capital management AG convinced not only the investors, but also independent rating and testing institutes. 2007 reviewed the TuV Rheinland the beneficiary of Akura II capital management AG officially with the predicate good”.