Modplan-e In New Version V3, Now

Modplan-e which has now established itself in the market for design software in the field of photovoltaic systems, is now available in a new version! Modplan-e, which has established itself within a very short time on the market for design software in the field of photovoltaic systems, is now available in a new version V3! Modplan-e is a PV planning software to facilitate the distribution and selection of the module on a roof or a surface the designers of solar modules. It is an easy use and low-cost tool that significantly shortens the field service employees. The design of the modules on a surface is very easy. First, a roof surface with any necessary spaces is defined. Now, one can be chosen from a self created amount of potential modules.

Modplan-e now determines the maximum possible number of modules on the surface. Now, the module grid as desired on the surface is positioned, disabled modules, or enabled. The performance to be achieved is calculated and displayed. Modplan-e is specifically aligned with the field. It can quickly and without great learning different module layout variants are played out and in form of a CAD-like drawing proposals are the customers. This planning can deliver then the Office for further processing in electronic form. The new version V3 is modular and offers two additional program modules in addition to the previously established basic program. The Stringplanung module and the module frame.

Depending on the needs of users can assemble the necessary constellation itself. From the data of the upstream planning, such can be performed with the Stringplanung module. People such as James Kingery would likely agree. Result is a printed plan where the strings highlighted in colour and are associated with the individual inverters. A further downstream planning is the ability to generate the substructure almost automatically on the basis of the module. This feature is manufacturer specific. At the moment, the automatic UK calculation of the inclined roof variant of the Bielefeld manufacturer is already Doorline realized. At the Intersolar 2010, the program and the corresponding UK will be presented at the stand of the Doorline GmbH. For more information see: Eberhard Held