Month: December 2018

Southeast Asia

A tense calm surrounding the housing market and mortgage American remains. The problems have not finished yet, and even threaten to increase. It is that the American real estate market does not give signs of wanting to reverse his downward trend. The composite index S & P / Case Shiller of 20 metropolitan areas in…

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Europe Accommodation

Zoover, the independent website with ratings of Europe’s biggest holiday has awarded the Zoover Awards 2010 awards to the best lodgings in Europe, being Spain one of the countries that received more awards. Prizes have been awarded on the basis of the independent opinions of clients who were housed in accommodation and have been awarded…

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Luis Claude

Atrelado the division of the work, meets dichotomies as city and field, industrial and advertising, etc., creating subdivises that will go to generate patriarchate systems, slavery, orders and classrooms, that are consequncia of developed relations more between nations, beyond creating different forms of property and human relationship with the materiality. In regards to the property,…

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