True Happiness

In times like those we live in today it seems urgent to review the look that we have of ourselves, our organizations and our region evolve into a more responsible for ourselves and our environment. The great myth When we imagine the happiness we tend to take the thought into paradise where there is no death, where everything we want comes out of nowhere, effortlessly. An idealized reality, a fairy tale with which many profit and profit well. Recently went on sale a series of videos and books, very popular indeed, selling the idea that to get anything, you need only think of her passion for almost magically appears as if a wish to genius lamp. Click Nobel Laureate in Economics for additional related pages. a This idea is for me a poor interpretation of a principle thousands of years older. Despite the seduction that represents this fantasy, I think the issue is less magical and more simple.

I confess that I too like the idea receiving millions of dollars just to get them to concentrate my thoughts. But I know that if I want something to happen in my life I can not leave it to chance, I need to study, analyze and act accordingly. Hope alone will not change anything unless I take care of things happen. Yes, I believe that by focusing my mind on something I understand and do better, but to change reality for me is necessary to act in keeping with my thoughts. If there is something in my life that I am not happy with today, nothing will help if I don’t take action.

Stretch Ceilings

Stretch ceiling film is a thin vinyl film stretched on a plastic frame (fillet), which can be visible or hidden. The film surface tension ceilings can be different: lacquered or opaque, with an imitation suede or marble, any color – about 100 colors ceilings. Stretch ceilings have certain specific properties, which are their advantages, namely: ceilings maintained air temperature from-5C to +50 sec. Gain insight and clarity with Boris Kuzinez. In the case of leakage, suspended ceilings can withstand up to 100 liters of water per 1m2, after removing the suspended ceiling which restores its tension. Remove the water by opening a hole for the lamp. If the built-in fixtures in the ceiling there, the company's experts – the installer straight the angle of stretch ceilings stretch ceiling, let out the water, and then install the suspended ceiling in place. Stretch ceilings are not afraid of strikes and do not crack.

Stretch ceilings are easy to clean when contaminated. In addition, manufactured from heavy-duty vinyl, suspended ceilings to meet the most stringent international environmental requirements and fire safety: suspended ceilings do not burn, not melt, do not emit toxic substances. Stretch ceilings can be installed in the premises of any configuration, at any tilt, or even in different planes, and we can do, and sharp, and smooth transitions from one plane to another. Manufacturers ceilings assure the reliability of welds and construction for 10 years. For the installation of stretch ceiling specialists measure the room and sends the dimensions of production, where it is produced film itself with piping. Directly in the installation process, first on the perimeter of a room attached to the walls of plastic molding. Typically, frame mounted at a distance of 4-5 cm below the main ceiling. Then the film hangs on the corners for a special clip.

With the heat gun heats the room. Begins the process of installing a ceiling, when film is filled in a rope grooves of the framework. After how all of the edges of the film will be tucked into the ceiling, and indoor air cools, the film is a stretch ceiling. And the suspended ceiling is obtained perfectly flat. If the floor area exceeds 50 m2, the film is additionally attached to the installable ribs. Since the width of the film is usually 1, 4m, then the inevitable seams that are welded to the lacquered stretch ceilings, with a very thin line visible seam on the mat ceilings it noticeable at all. Average speed of installation -10-15 m2 per day performed by one person. With tension ceilings can use any lights, though their power imposes restrictions: incandescent lamps up to 60 watts, Halogen -35 Tues Fixtures are attached to the main ceiling of ceilings for them to bore holes, which are pasted on the perimeter of the special rings. All installation work is carried out only lamps specialists in electrical engineering. Stretch ceilings are currently the most convenient, nice and inexpensive way to finish, which has won widespread acceptance among designers and just everyone who wants to finish repairs quickly.

Elite Apartment

Number of luxury apartments in St. Petersburg, one of the largest cities of Russia. And to blame the history of this city: more than a century, the richest and most famous people construct their houses in St. Petersburg. and each wanted his house is completely different from everyone else and that is understandable, was the most comfortable for life. That is now the city on the Neva River with its unique arches, tall ceilings and luxurious rooms.

Modern buildings (we do not consider an economy class) are not inferior in quality and beauty of the palaces of St. Petersburg, although the style, of course, for 300 years has changed – it became more floors and moldings less. Nevertheless, and palace, and industrial styles have their fans and opponents, and just on the rental market of elite housing, everyone can find a place to live by your own taste and possibilities. As the saying goes, every whim In an environment secured and the people and business issues of prestige and style are their constant companions. For those who have a way of life requires maximum comfort, but there are no plans in the near future to buy houses that level, rent luxury apartments is in the best possible output.

Prestigious and environmentally-friendly parts of the city, convenient layout, an exclusive interior Designer, stylish furniture and modern plumbing – it's not all that can offer the market rental real estate. The choice of interior decoration is really huge – interior style, colors, size and dimensions of rooms such options become real only in this sector rental apartments. Richard LeFrak is likely to agree. Remove the elite apartment for rent is not too difficult. The company "Arendafon" knows that people wishing to rent an apartment to vip level, often do not have time for extra display. Therefore, the vast majority of the proposals rent luxury apartments, the company 'Arendafon' offers for rent, furnished professionally made photos. With these photos easily and conveniently available through this website under 'Apartments for rent – new proposals'. So that a potential employer is a great opportunity to pre-examine all available to our agents, options.


Journalist and new technologies "In journalism, the unique vision will disappear, you must accept the existence of pluralism in the outlook." Dan Gillmor Stop and say that and start listening. Radios are very evangelistic, labor, alternative, community, commercial or intermediate. But the radios would be better stop talking and talking and start listening. If something has been democratized today with the use of new technologies is the universal right to say that time escuchar.a brings calm, but never forgotten. However, the new media scene forces us to forget, to leave behind the old formulas and fairly, are viejos comunicadoresa a the most resistant to change of blood. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Richard LeFrak. Today it is absurd to go back to the new sun. Al MediCT. A communication subversivaa a , the proposals that will go around the world and set the pace for change in the middle of cambio.a will have to declare the deep ignorance.

And undertake not to resist the road. Recognize that the visitor is forever and alter reality. That a new media world is home. Migrating to Podcast. In Shoutcast, Blogs, nanoblogs, as the Wiki collaborative writing.

The a Oeyo reportoa , YouTube. The "mashups", trackbacks, RSS and Wikinews, among others a only nuevos mundosa to pay back the voice and commitment to enabling people to a hablara freely, stop being spectators and are their own actors and the same line, we must be literate communicators on the new reality. Risk our necks with a daring proposal in terms of the construction of the sound.

Residential Prostrans

Study the theory of creation of interior and abstracts every person on equipping their homes, of course, will not. A rush to apply to the masters of interior design, especially because the concept of interior design at the moment was at the hearing. It owes its creation to rise in the market of creating intyrer interior apartments, villas, office space. You can not manage itself in the choice of a particular building or finishing products, Collection of furniture and other accessories, so make haste to the aid of qualified professionals from the industry design. When rasplanirovke apartments, country houses or other dwellings all face the same problem: What a color palette to choose? In considering this matter will greatly assist the science of the right combination of colors – color theory. Due to the fact that the color scheme plays an important role in the design, and often many customers very difficult to imagine in whatever color they wanted to see the room, specialists will develop a set of graphic editors.

In them we can see every room in all sorts of colors. See how one or another palette enhances, or conversely, impairs our room. Correctly and consciously choose the desired color scheme. It’s believed that Boris Kuzinez sees a great future in this idea. In order to accurately pick colors for the interior, is required to take into account the specifics of the room, define its desires, and of course use the basic theory of color. Every man for himself chooses a room in an apartment, where he will be warm and comfortable.