Ferruccio Lamborghini

One of the biggest passions in the world are the cars and therefore the speed, because through these things can experience moments of intense adrenaline and strong emotions, as well as cars with their beautiful forms and shapes with unique styles and designs innovators are liked by many people, so much so that the designs are so striking that meet many people who are up to fans of car brands that give life to the most grand and pleasing designs of the cars, which is not just search for aesthetics, but also seek to achieve an optimal sample of aerodynamics that allows cars to achieve better results in terms of speed. So cars are one of the things that earn more and more important in societies around the world and this is a feature that different brands of cars looking to take advantage, no clutch but there are many brands that make the cars and their components, There is one that stands out as achieving levels of excellence achieved both in image and in the performance of various automotive creations and the world-renowned Italian company Lamborghini, which has excelled in the automotive world for its wonderful creations of sports cars, among which the Lamborghini Diablo and Murcielago among others that have become true icons of style and speed. To learn more thoroughly about this great car company, one must begin from the moment of his birth, which occurred in the year 1963, driven by a lover of sports cars, who was the tractor manufacturer Ferruccio Lamborghini , who thanks to his love of sports and a fortune that had achieved in his life thanks to his work with the cars, could give life to this great brand of car, which was a starting point for another brand of Italian cars not meet the tastes in quality, so looking for the best lamborghini creates the company that bears his name as a means to compete with Ferrari. With his vision throughout the company lamborghini be able to create large samples of sports cars, starting with the simple but pleasant sport coupes, even as the Spider automotive insignias, the Reventon and the Gallardo, which are highlighted by the presentations that display their great brilliance, with unique designs and exotic immediately called the attention of both fans of cars to people not very familiar with the subject, but for the grand gala original aesthetic and performing in their sport lamborghini mesmerized. So the great work through the short history of this great company car, lamborghini has positioned itself as a pioneer in sports cars more comfortable in the world, because they are grand touring cars with more power, better style and the fastest in the world.

Renting An Apartment

You are going to go to Ukraine and want to stop in Kiev? Then you have the way our proposal. Talk about this form of services, like apartments in Kiev. In any country in the world today are becoming increasingly popular private apartment, they shoot as often as a hotel or at home. Rent apartment in Kiev – is advantageous and convenient for everyone. In terms of price and quality, this option is the most successful. Why do private apartments are so good? Firstly, there you will get such amenities that will not give any one hotel in Kiev, even the most expensive. You can rent an apartment in the Ukrainian capital – and now at your disposal comfortable spacious kitchen, plenty of space for recreation and entertainment, modern appliances, great bathroom, and, of course, freedom of movement and a chance to get away from the apartment and return to it whenever you want.

Particularly good solution is to rent apartments to family vacation in Kiev. So you feel at home in an unfamiliar city, but that still need a tourist! Business trip to Kiev – a fairly common event. Typically large companies in advance to seek the welfare of their staff and themselves rent them an apartment in Kiev. But when suddenly it happened that you need to look for accommodation yourself, then do not worry and upset. After the proposal for the real estate market is very large.

It is easy to choose an apartment with any number of rooms, close to the subway or on the outskirts. The cost of housing will delight you. As mentioned above, the price of daily rent apartments in the capital of Ukraine is much lower than in a hotel this level. The bulk of the apartments, which are dealt in Kiev, located in the heart of the city. That is, in his spare time you can walk down the street to see the sights and take pictures for memory. In this case, you will not be cut off from the world, because in every apartment there are the benefits of civilization, such as internet and telephone. Consumer electronics, without which it is impossible to today's life, too, are in stock at any of proposed flats. Finally, Kiev apartments can be rented officially, it all depends on your desire. If you want, you will be issued short-term lease agreement and other documents. Enjoy your pastimes in the ancient city of Kiev!

Raising Walls

They built a wall around the country for protection from enemies. Many were those who died carrying out the huge amount of work. Currently, its original purpose is useless, because there are Chinese on both sides of the great wall. As well, looking back in time, the blessed work not served for protection, but for evil. Ancient China wanted to find the political, cultural and social stability, seeking protection from the constant invasions of the neighbouring village. A society that promised to be prosperous, urgently needed that kind of stability. There came the brilliant idea of the wall.

The work would protect the people and the culture that had shaken the nation and managed to establish pollution of the barbarians several times had already disrupted. There would be a strict control of who came and went, and addition, you could filter anything that was considered undesirable. Great, isn’t it? The truth is that the great wall not protected in China, since it was invaded three times different, through the same, thanks to which the guadianes were bribed by the invaders. In addition, the work guaranteed a political, economic, technological and cultural backwardness of about thousand years. In the early 20th century, returned to raise a new wall, on this occasion the political partner wall of communism. Another great idea that you would be worth another millennial backwardness. But not only the Nations rise up that kind of physical or ideological walls, but it got people, consciously or unconsciously, also up walls of protection to our around.

Frequently, people who have been hurt by relationships that ended disastrously, raise walls to ensure no return to be hurt. Raise ideological impregnable walls and defend them tooth and nail. We issues us behind our ideas and religious concepts, only to discover that we have been isolated from the rest of the world. We are not made to live isolated from the rest of the people, but to influence and be influenced, to grow not only as individuals, but as a race. That Exchange of impressions, agreements and disagreements, conflicts and solutions, loves and heartbreaks, tastes and dislikes, is, precisely, which promotes the true growth, albeit an extremely painful process. You choose live openly, still vulnerable, or die after the safety of your own wall?

Architecture Building

But tell me please, how often do you thinking over all this when planning a house. This is particularly an issue is the design of residential buildings. Yes, and in other areas of responsibility of this moment, or rather "functional" at least for housing. In fact, the how well designed the building and how it corresponds to the destination may depend very much. For example, a person's life, if a hospital. Not having time to time in the operating room, which "hid" nowhere terrible might happen.

Or may depend on the level of production and prosperity, if it is industrial building. Of course, nobody is perfect and mistakes do not allow someone who does not work. But on us is big enough responsibility. Responsibility for how this all planned. What do we actually design the "building" which is simply an attractive picture or "house" that is fully functional and comfortable in all respects structure? Speaking of the concept of "home" course, primarily an association with a residential building.

However, this is only one and rather narrow concept of the party of the concept. Under the "home" can mean a really convenient and comfortable building, where people might feel well enough. True, you can make a reservation, saying that everything is known in comparison, and for any specific person at all deprived of the benefits, the benefits of owning a home fabulous moment may be just the acquisition of any accommodation for one day. But now it is not about what that single moment, and that the structure should serve and be comfortable, at least 50-100 years. Can you imagine what may change during this period? In our already constantly accelerating time. Of course, all this is quite difficult and create a perfect home is quite impossible, at least for the simple reason that for every person the notion of a "perfect" his own. And creating a "home" for a community of people to consider and even more so to translate their wishes, it is sometimes almost impossible. There are, however, what kind of general notions of comfort and convenience and namely they must embody in his work. I once heard a story about that one designer (unfortunately, I do not remember his name) designed a certain area for more than seven years. Thoroughly studying the habits and affections of people intending to live there. But also its recognition was appropriate. He and his creations were recognized as the best of its kind. But does not always have so many time to fully exploit the issue. And those few days reserved for the design, of course, can not provide complete information. And it must be said affects the quality of the work itself. And here things can only depend on your skill and experience. However, completing the thought and the article itself, I would like to encourage you, however it was designed "home" and not just "building" or if you want a "picture". After all, every object you create is like a mini-monument that says about your ability and talent. So let the name written on a monument, that is your name people remember with gratitude and not as in any other way Ruslan Garipov. Author of "The working draft of up to " This and other articles on design theorist, You can read on my personal site on the theme: Architecture, graphics and design.

Rio De Janeiro

Considering the conformation of the nature, the inorgnicos materials are represented by minerals. Risks? they are residues proceeding from garbage that offer to serious perigos to the health human being and the environment, and that many times can contain dangerous materials. Selective collection and monitoramento diminish the risks of the garbage. OBJECT OF the PROJECT the challenge assumed for the group was to develop a proposal that came to the meeting of the necessities of the users of the busy building for institution SUESC – UNIFIED SOCIETY OF SUPERIOR EDUCATION AND CULTURE, offering a solution that is viable and passvel of being implemented; a project that contemplates the reduction, recovery, reutilizao and recycling of the produced residues, as garbage, for the occupying people of the building. Although the effort for the reduction in the garbage production wants either for educational campaigns, as for the increase of the useful life of dismissable materials, beyond the recovery of residues that can be reused as substance cousin (thus reducing the consumption of the same ones, but mainly diminishing the rejected amounts as lixos), they are boarded in the project, the focus is given in the reaproveitamento and recycling of the dejections produced during the functioning of the education institution, in the situated installations in the Square of the Republic, 50 – Center? Rio De Janeiro? RIO DE JANEIRO. The white public is the pupils, professors, employees, visitors, or any element that produces some type of I reject that he comes if to transform into garbage. This being considered, a population of 3,000 pupils, 200 employees, approximately enclosed the professors and controllers, and a floating public in transit, of 100 visitors, perfazendo a total of 3300 passer-bys.


Its children are involved in tragedies, between them the episode of one of them to have raped the proper sister, son of Davi with another mother. Later, this son was assassinated by a brother. If he had not been magnetized for the golden glory and that the church conferred it for all these centuries; for the opposite, if it lived today, under gide of the moral values contemporaries and under the prism of all the historical building of laws and institutions that civilize the men, Davi still would be seen as a hero? Or would be one crpula? Would deserve it honor to have been sculptured for a Michelangelo? Oh, pulguinha does not stop to cry out in my ear, it wants that I say. Not, pulguinha. I am against the barbarity, am against Hitler and all the imperialistas governing.

I am against Davi, Alexander, the Great one, Jlio Cesar and Napoleo. All they had been murderous. At least it is what it says the my sensitivity to me molded for the civilizatrios values contemporaries. Who knows if I was Jewish at the time of Davi, I would adore it to I. Or Macedonian in the times of Alexander, the Great one; Roman in the years of Jlio Cesar; Frenchman in the gone ones of Napoleo.

Perhaps I would adore all they. But today, citizen of the world contemporary, I have to all as tyrannous. All good, pulguinha, you were successful, I you say, at last, I you say: ' ' Hitler would be a Davi, a Biblical hero, if it had lived at the time of this; perhaps Davi, one crpula, an ominous one, as well as Hitler, was born in century XX' '. (August Andres Passari, doctor psychiatrist and writer, author of ' ' Fragmentos of the Tempo' ' , artepaubrasil publishing company)