Barnaul Dream Apartment

On their own housing is not only dreams the one who already has. Is it possible today to buy an apartment or easier to manage removable housing? Most of the apartments offered for sale in Barnaul, a secondary housing, but can also be found for sale in new buildings. Prices for apartments in new buildings ranging from 502 000 rubles per 1-bedroom total area of 11.8 sq.m. up to 3 million rubles. for 3-room apartment, total area of 106 sq.m. There are new buildings (the announcement of sale) and in villages located in the urban domination. For example, in Chernitsky can buy 1-room apartment for 400,000 rubles.

As for the secondary market, there is a choice, and the difference in prices is much greater. For a one-room apartment asking an average of 400 to 750 rubles depending on the type of building and district. One bedroom will cost between $ 770 thousand to 2.5 million rubles. One Bedroom – from 1.5 to 4 million. As you see, buy an apartment in Barnaul is realistic, Real estate for sale and missing on the Internet and media. But in a situation where a mortgage is not easy to get (with the beginning of the crisis banks have tightened the conditions for its issuance), own home (even relatively inexpensive) to many becomes an unattainable dream. Not hoping to save enough money to buy an apartment, people are increasingly elect rent.

Demand creates supply. Simply enter the phrase in a search engine for rent in Barnaul, to make sure what was demanded this service. Therefore, how much is to rent an apartment in Barnaul? Rental housing – for a day or longer as in any other cities in Barnaul, there are two variants of rent of apartments: through an intermediary (ie real estate agencies) and directly with the owner (through advertisements in the media or the Internet.) In agencies, you can offer a lot of options, but in this case the price may be much higher because of the payment services firm. If you decided to rent an apartment in Barnaul, without intermediaries, the prices are as follows: one-bedroom apartment – from 6 to 12 rubles a month, two-bedroom – 10 to 17 thousand, three bedroom – from 12 000 rubles and higher. Do not forget to add here more and the cost of utilities, which you invariably have to pay. You can rent an apartment without any legal formalities, but if you dwell on long-term period, we recommend you consider signing a contract with owner. There is another option rent – rent. It is for those who calls in the city for long. Apartment on the day – a good alternative to hotels: cheaper than a hotel room, and the conditions did not worse. Typically, companies who give rent in housing, and provide the opportunity to remove it for a long time. Thus, in circumstances where housing loans are still available to the few, rent is the only alternative.

Avoiding Property Scams

This article focuses on how to avoid falling into the fraudsters, which aims to purchase the rights to someone else's property (apartments, garages, cottages, etc.). Naturally you can purchase the rights in various other ways you can buy real estate, exchange, inherit, etc. Rascal is rubbed into the trust, and then cheating. Typically, con artists are well-organized groups, and arrange a show where everyone has their own role. In order to avoid the rogue network, you must be very careful, cautious, and not to trust anyone's word. Unfortunately all this is not enough. Is so developed and organized groups fraud, that they are able to forge important documents, but fortunately there are very few.

Basically these are people who are looking for gullible people. The question arises as to sell the apartment, especially if you sell or buying for the first time. I advised to refer to a man who well-versed in buying and selling real estate, or a special appeal to the organization. But here, too, need to be careful because of little-known organizations, and the bulk of fraud. You should go to the well-known organization that has treated your family or friends, let it take over its services more money, but At least you will not be deceived. As for the independent sales or purchases of real estate, today it can be very dangerous and risky, and do it yourself extremely nezhilatelno. So all of you necessary for a successful end the circumstances, is to find a well-known and reliable organization for buying and selling real estate, and trust them completely. Source: (property Vladivostok) Ads Vladivostok. Placing an unlimited number of ads about buying and selling real estate.

Hereditary Capital – A Gift To Children, Grandchildren

The desire to leave a gift to the children and grandchildren inherit a decent commendable. But, often taking care of the hereditary human capital taken away from all the time and effort. Some try to invest in real estate, others – are developing their business, and others – set aside savings for a deposit at the bank. Most often, one can observe some combination of all of the above options. But they have a drawback – the difficulty in the management of hereditary capital and difficulty in obtaining it from the heirs. Judge for yourself – instead of living in the pleasure once again to rest or heal, the family breadwinner is forced to deal with buying a property, registration of various securities, drafting wills, etc. Yes, and future successors not to be envied – for adopting the ancestral capital to pay huge taxes, especially if you inherited a property or business.

Moreover, real estate can fall in price, business – bankrupt without an experienced manager, and pay tax on inheritance is still needed. Incidentally, the ancestral capital can only be obtained after 6 months, when will the waiting period for entry into the law of inheritance (unless, of course, inheritance disputes the someone else, then the wait can last for many years). All these inconveniences can be avoided if we take participate in a program of insurance which provides for a succession of capital and the simultaneous protection of the insured. Forming the ancestral capital of the insurance company. More civilized way leaving an inheritance – to generate it with the insurance company. Participation in the insurance program to avoid a number of problems associated with traditional transmission of the inheritance: no need to wait long six months until the inheritance will be processed properly, the ancestral capital paid in cash, which is very useful if your children and grandchildren are far from the basic knowledge of business and management real estate; insurance ancestral capital can not be challenged by other heirs – it is guaranteed to receive only the person who mentioned the beneficiary of the insurance contract, the sum insurance payments are guaranteed and can not be reduced (the size prescribed in the policy at the conclusion of the contract) there is a possibility of formation of the inheritance in a currency that is additional protection from inflation and other financial risks.

Properly Pass

If you want to take your apartment, you can advertise your own apartment or to entrust this matter agentsvu property. By placing advertisements in the apartment alone, remember that for better desirable effect 'expose' his apartment on the internet and newspapers advertising jointly. And if the advertising on the Internet, in most cases, will set you free, then the ads, the surrender of the apartment, the newspapers have pay a certain amount. In the event that an adequate value of the apartments in advance to be prepared for a lot of calls, mostly from real estate agencies. It is much easier and more efficient contact of 3-4 agencies property, which is well-developed rental department.

Before that, it would be nice to analyze the cost of apartments for rent, comparable to your specific parameters (area, state of the apartment). Benefits of working with real estate agencies are clear: saving your time and energy, real estate agencies find themselves customers, advertise apartment, draw up a contract between you and the employer, and, in most cases, will make it besplatno.Esli do you communicate with interesting people and want to see this process from the inside, then Do it yourself. If you find tenants, do not forget to make a treaty with them (the sample can be found in Internet), in which list the smallest details, down to the status of each item in the apartment. There are many factors that influence the rate of rental to. One of the main-rent apartments. It is important select the 'gold-seredinu' that is not too cheap to rent an apartment, and receive less a certain amount each month, and at the same time, the cost of renting an apartment should not be too high as well as your apartment, can not long give up and eventually you will lose more money.

City Hotel

A year ago, Vyatka newspaper wrote, "for 2008-2012, can predict the stable development of the city's outskirts and the south-western region of Kirov. The company "Commercial Real Estate Network" is engaged in the project, its spectacular scales, namely, trade and hotel complex "Russia" at the corner of Vorovsky and Ulyanovsk. There are plans to build the largest Kirov shopping and entertainment center with total area of 50 thousand square meters. m-class business center "A" and an office and hotel complex. " Construction expected by many. It is no accident … The city could have come major new federal investors, which would undoubtedly played into the quality of service delivery for kirovchan the better … From the history of the project.

In September 2005, the company's "network of commercial real estate," were given the choice of land records in the streets of Moscow, Ulyanovsk and Vorovsky for the construction of two facilities. Later buildings hotel and office center and shopping center is assigned the address: Kirov Str. Thieves', 175 and 173. Further, the Company has collected all the necessary technical conditions and agree the act of choosing the land, develop the necessary in accordance with applicable law documents on the formation of land, putting them on the cadastral registration. At this point, "Commercial Real Estate Network" began to actively promote the project. In June 2007, Kirov delegation, led by First Deputy Chairman of Government of the Kirov region, Eduard Sox and head of investment policy Sergei Tolstobrov, presented their investment projects during the XI International Economic Forum in St.

Fraudulent Property Transactions

This story I got from the book "The world's largest fraud." As a result of this scam, the initiator robbed half the population of New Mexico in the late 19th century. I was surprised the scope and audacity to the event, and given that today's real estate market is full of crooks and con men, I found it necessary to share it with you. Everyone can do for yourself some practical conclusions, which will save in purchase and sale of the apartment. I gave her part in end. Thus, the initiator was James Edison Rivis. This man was born in 1843 in Missouri. During the Civil War at the age of eighteen he was in the Confederate ranks, where he showed a gift copyist.

His fraudulent "career" began with what Rivis cleverly forged leaves of absence. A little later he began the manufacture of false documents to withdraw ammunition and provisions from the stores. The resulting good marketed by James cheap supply agents, and other fine felt. After the war began Rivis real estate transactions in Santa Fe. In the early 1870s, in the city archives, he stumbled upon a treaty signed after the war with the U.S. Mexico in 1846.

This agreement called the "Guadalupe Hidalgo". In accordance with the United States reaffirmed the right of ownership of the old Spanish families on earth, departed after the war, the United States. A couple of years Rivis was in Northern California, where at that time committed scores of operations under the contract of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Flats: How Not To Run Into Scammers

The most popular method of fraud is: you come to the agency, and you offer to pay an advance for the bulk list of addresses allegedly surrendering apartments. Having to call on these phones, you get either already passed a housing hosts (since these lists were given to you once a few dozen people), if any, on the nominees. How can this be avoided? Very simple – do not use the service. After all, any self-respecting real estate agency you will be charged money only when it can find an apartment and all the rules you will execute the contract. Following way: you meet with a host of alleged housing, getting the keys to the apartment, pay in advance for several months or even years.

Arriving the same next time, maybe even with your belongings, you suddenly discover that the keys to the door for some reason do not fit the phone "master" is unavailable, the neighbors do not know. Prove that you gave him no small amount – it does not, because surely all agreements between you and I were oral. The conclusion: Be sure to enclose the agreement and assured him of a notary. However, many landlords are unwilling to pay a mandatory tax in this case – then ask them to absorb these costs themselves. In any case, it would be better for you to pay tax, than lose an advance and remain homeless. The third common way: scammers rents an apartment for a couple of days, and then retake it others (usually the account goes to dozens of people), they also take a prepayment for the next few months. The trouble here is that tenants do not even think to check with the alleged owner is not only Documents at the apartment, but even a passport. When it announced the real winner of the apartment, which also did not understand, speculators have vanished.

What should I do? The answer is obvious: a thorough review of all available documents ranging from passports and ending with the owner of title documents to the apartment. Another effective way – do not be lazy and talk with neighbors in the entrance, sometimes it can be very valuable information. Of course, the methods of fraud is constantly growing and improving, but mainly for rental housing – remember to always be alert. And if for some beyond your reason fails to issue transaction at the notary, then enclose at least a contract in writing (preferably in front of witnesses – in case you need to go to court).

Burj Dubai Lake Hotel

Burj Dubai – is the world's tallest tower. It is expected that the full height of the tower is about 700 meters. To date not yet announced the height to which it rises the majestic structure, but its foundations were designed and filled with the expectation of the possibility of reaching 950 meters high, and given the fact that the world plans to build several more such facilities, the data can again change the direction of increasing. Some sources even refer to height slightly less than one kilometer. After work in the skyscraper will be 160 floors, 56 elevators.

The complex will house facilities such as Dubai real estate, luxury apartments, boutiques, swimming pools, aquatic centers procedures and even the first hotel of Giorgio Armani. 124 floor will be located observation sites. Burj Dubaj, however only the central part of the complex $ 20 billion, which is called Downtown Burj Dubai, and located on the main thoroughfare UAE – Abu Dhabi highway Dubai. The complex, sprawling over an area of 500 acres, will include the following basic objects in the real estate investment in Dubai: directly tower itself; Dubai Mall, the world's largest shopping center, residential skyscrapers Residences; made in Arab-style low residential apartments Old Town; Office Park, a hotel Burj Dubai Lake Hotel. Burj Views and Boulevard, to be whimsical twist of 3.5 kilometers in the international settlement of man-made lakes and lush gardens delightful. In addition, in the complex will be built eight boutique hotel owned by famous hotel corporations.

Moscow Villas In Crimea

The global financial crisis has led to the fact that housing and land prices have declined slightly. This logic of events experts predicted in advance, but not all listen to them and, hoping for a 'maybe', bought real estate 'on peak' prices. This is illogical. Property must be a profitable investment. Therefore, to avoid errors in selecting investment targets in the future I would like to hear your point of view, what makes sense to invest in Currently, to get the maximum benefit? Many actually buying real estate in the 'overheated' market at very high prices, while credit use 'light' money. Now, to buy real estate can afford only one who owns a 'cash', but it's usually people who know how to properly dispose of the funds (otherwise how could they have remained with the money?). So today we are talking about acquiring facilities that are not so susceptible to price fluctuations. Changed and the motivation of purchasing property: at the moment the vast majority of transactions commit not for speculative purposes, but rather for themselves.

The highest rate at a given time market develops distant cottages. Demand for such properties in 2008 rose by almost half. Moreover, the majority who decided to buy a country house, located 60 kilometers or more from Moscow, expressed a desire to live outside capital is constant. On this real estate demand in the near future will grow constantly and pretty rapidly. Muscovites are no strangers to long distances. Many metropolitan residents are ready to cover distances of 300-400 kilometers to escape the pressures of a huge metropolis to its long summer residences.

Mortgages With A Human Face

Elena Troitskaya, Branch Manager Company “AMT Bank” (formerly “BTA Bank”) in St. Petersburg: From March 1, 2010, we began to take to process an application for mortgage lending in the St. Petersburg branch. We expect good results on the example of the successful launch of mortgages in Ufa in December 2009. In St. Petersburg we offer our customers three products: the ruble mortgage with a fixed rate for the first five years, the ruble mortgage with a fixed rate and dollar fixed-rate mortgages.

Program with such conditions the most in demand customers. Our products are formed in accordance with the basic customer preferences in terms of cost and time no hidden fees and, more importantly, the convenient location of offices. Our offices in St. Petersburg metro stations are located in front of “Vladimir”, “Narva”, “Moscow”, “Vasileostrovskaya” and next to “Vyborg” and Nevsky Prospect. For our clients, we offer a “safe box for deals.” Concluding a transaction of sale, customers are free to use conference rooms. In this design lease deposit boxes we produce only 10-15 minutes, even taking into account the need to design a power of attorney, and absolutely free, to any third party the right to use the cell.

Alexander Anishchanka, Deputy Manager of a branch “Gazprombank” (JSC) in St. Petersburg: Traditionally, the secondary market is considered more reliable: the buyer can immediately see that he buys, reduced risk, because immediately executed right property. May attend some fears about the purity of the transaction, but in the case of buying real estate in loan documentation for the apartment must verify the bank, and legal purity – the insurance company, which insures the title. Prices for real estate in the primary and secondary markets, in principle, comparable. The difference in the cost of similar housing in the “primary organizations” and “secondary housing” due to two main reasons: the time (Apartment, you can use right away – to live, rent, rather than wait a year or two, until the house is completed), and finishing. The cost of finishing work usually ranges from 40% property value. To obtain a mortgage to have enough for about 20% down payment. In addition, the mortgage is much more profitable accumulation. With the accumulation of funds inevitably “eats” inflation. When a mortgage is the same inflation in hand to the buyer: the formal monthly payment remains the same in during the whole period, but its “weight” is gradually reduced. Banks often advertise lower limit of the interest rate, not mentioning that it can be greatly increased depending on the size of down payment, term credit, income verification forms, terms of early repayment, the market (primary / secondary), even from such payments. Gazprombank to honor the 20th anniversary of the special program “Jubilee mortgage loan” on which establish a unified interest rate 13%, independent of the above conditions. Read more …