Ten Of The Best Islands In The World For A Holiday

Is true that the Caribbean and its islands seduce us much by price and attractive. It is enough to know that one of the favorite destinations for Spanish women are the Islands and exotic places. But we will find many others, from Quebec to Queensland, wonderful islands that enchant us if we are looking for new destinations. The Finder of flights Skyscanner shows them you: Balearic Islands, Spain, Mediterranean Sea. In this archipelago of five islands can find it requiring a good vacation: tranquility and unspoilt beaches in Formentera and Minorca; culture in the seductive Majorca, the capital; and much activity and party in the fireproof Ibiza. In addition, its proximity makes them more than affordable to our affected pockets.

Find cheap flights to Ibiza. Find flights to Ibiza. Canary Islands, Spain. Atlantic Ocean. These seven islands, of volcanic origin, have a subtropical climate. Its climate variability gives rise to a great biological diversity that, along with the rich landscape and geological, justifies the existence in the Canary Islands four national parks. We can enjoy with its populated capital, Gran Canaria, or La Palma (la Isla Bonita), the beaches of Fuerteventura, La Gomera or El Hierro nature without forgetting the precious and very touristy Tenerife.

Who has not or has dreamed of bathing in the rich and beautiful waters of the fortunate Islands. Find flights flights to Tenerife. Island of Rugen, Germany, Baltic Sea. Located off the northeastern coast of Germany, this large island is a jewel; well known among the Germans, but not so much for the rest of us. With its 570 km of coastline and 60 kilometres of beaches of fine sand and blue sea, is a popular destination for water sports. We find the National Park of the area of the Vorpommern Lagoon to the West and the Jasmund National Park, a smaller Park including the famous white cliffs of Cretaceous rock.