House Hygiene

This section will describe the basic sanitary – hygienic requirements for the accommodation and private homes. Appointment of old house was to save lives of its owner from a variety of hazards. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Gavin Baker. An important question in life everyone is living in a house that is itself a not pose a threat to being in nem.Eto only possible under certain construction standards for each individual region and climate. What is a safe home in the Krasnodar region? Read about it further. Often, moving to Krasnodar region to live in a private home for a long time before that lived in apartments in which many economic questions lay on the shoulders of utilities and developers. In a private home is not so.

Many technical issues unit of the private homes will have to realize yourself. You can start with those of sanitary standards for residential premises, which are designed by scientists, and neglect that in a private home would not be reasonable and it is dangerous to health. Houses are different: large and small, beautiful and not so old and new, cheap and expensive. But whatever the Your home, and wherever he was, in the Kuban region, or far north, in any case, he should have the most important feature – safe for living. Without this, any home can not be called a 'fortress' for the man, because living in the house causing damage to the owner, 'fortress' is grave. Designed hygiene requirements were moved to the building regulations, in all sorts of construction regulations and SanPiN.