New Materials Apartment

In the past, our grandmothers and grandfathers got an apartment in which immediately after the construction of the house was made a standard repair of the same builders. Took place ten, fifteen years, but repairs are not altered, everything remained the same as well as at the time of the apartment, only taking into account the passage of time. The modern generation of people is not its meaning without the constant changes of interior, redoing the newly redesigned permanent change things, wallpaper, flooring, furniture, due to changes in fashion, tastes, aspirations and attitudes. Now, however, are constantly emerging new materials and technologies that allow us to make repairs that will "Look like" a long time. Stretch ceilings. One of the most popular trends in interior recently, relatively simple to install, requires no surface preparation is a long time without losing the consumer's quality. Wallpaper.

It is best to use non-woven wallpaper base, this wallpaper can be washed off from the wall and perekleit to another place! In addition, their taping does not require much effort, because to apply the adhesive on the wallpaper is not necessary, it should be applied immediately to wall. Laminate. Bulletin of good quality will allow owners to enjoy high-quality flooring in the apartment to twenty years. This is the ideal combination of price and quality.