Help Yourself

How not to say, but a headache – it is torture, what is known almost to everyone, regardless of age. Often complain of a headache when people overwork, mostly mental, mental with immoderate loads, high blood pressure and increased intracranial pressure. Pain in the skull, starting with various patient conditions, interconnected with stimulation of pain nerve endings in the cranial cavity, in the soft tissues of face and head – this is one of the most common types of pain. Headache repeatedly accompanies diseases of internal organs, infection, poisoning, and various nervous mental disorders. Causes headaches, most often, there are disorders of blood circulation within the cranium (namely, migraine), elevated blood pressure (eg, hypertension), the excess of or delay in blood vessels the brain or, conversely, anemia of the brain. A frequent prerequisite for suffering patients is a tension headache.

This pain can be caused by incorrect posture and long, finding a person in a single position at a voltage of eye muscles. If you have read about Gavin Baker already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Quite often, people with such pain are all types of stress. Their specific complaint is a feeling of strong compressive ‘ring’ on her head, the pain is not repetitive and continuous. Treatment of pain should begin with options – a correction of posture, rubbing, acupuncture, physical training, adjustment of view, mental relaxation. Headaches from too much nervous surge is not in a hurry to cure pain medication, much better in this case is realized in pharmacies herbal sedative or a tonic nature. and Another effective method would be a big push with your fingers on the temporal artery for 12-15 seconds, after tidying up his hands, the blood quickly rushes to the head and the pain passes quickly. With regular head ‘agony’ that generated stress, is recommended before going to bed put in the mouth 1 tsp honey (if no contraindications) and drink water. Appropriate mode of work and rest, abstaining from unhealthy habits, timely and correct treatment of chronic diseases is an unmistakable event, which prevents headaches and many diseases.